Sunset Piano is an evolving collaboration between artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers and others.. .

Mauro ffortissimo, concept and organization

Mauro ffortissimo is an Argentinian born Italian painter, sculptor, and musician. For years he has explored music composition beyond the 12 tone scale with prepared, "liberated" pianos: the keys and action are removed and the strings are played directly with the hands. Mauro has played and collaborated with many bay area musicians and composers, including Kash Killion, Linda Bouchard, and India Cooke. He lives and works in Half Moon Bay.


Dean Mermell,  project manager and creative director

Dean Mermell is an award-winning filmmaker and musician. His passions include contemporary silent cinema and films about unusual creative people and events. Dean is working with Mauro to contextualize Sunset Piano and bring it to the world. He is also the piano half of the musical contraption known as Tom Jonesing. He lives and works in San Francisco.


Lars Howlett, photography and social media

Lars Howlett is a freelance event and documentary photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in visual storytelling for businesses, non-profits, and individuals with a keen understanding of social media including facebook and web marketing. He was the chief photojournalist for the Half Moon Bay Review from 2008-2011; current clients include the Mavericks Invitational, HMB International Marathon, and Puente among others.