Links to news stories and photos from Sunset Piano Opus One:

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NBC   "Can we just continue to listen to the piano? That was amazing!"   

LA Times   "it's the kind of news I like to read — good news. It's a perfect moment. Once in a lifetime maybe. It's so odd, isn't it?"

SF Gate  “We were witnessing the end of something quite amazing.”  

ABC  "How beautiful is it to be here near the ocean where everything is always changing and that's how life is right?"

KQED  "Ffortissimo's project ended yesterday in a blaze of glory

HMBreview   “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring so many memories”

HMBpatch   "In a stunning collection of photos and essays, artist Mauro Ffortissimo and photographer Lars Howlett immortalize the story of the famous baby grand piano on the bluffs."