Can music change the world?

All I know is that my recent 'Sunset Piano' piece not only brought enjoyment to lots of people, but it also affected me on a deep level, making me more aware of the place I call home, and the continuous flux of waves, wind, sand and fog. Somehow it created an opening into the wonder of the whales and dolphins swimming nearby.

The ocean, of course, is fluid and in constant flux.  Less obvious are changes in the land and relationships between land and ocean environments. Thus, for my next piece I have chosen 12 locations along the coast that exemplify this ongoing process of negotiation between constituencies and species, between the sea and the shore, the bluffs, the cliffs. Most of the sites were chosen  because of the spectacular views of the ocean, pelicans, whales, dolphins. Some others because they show us the compromise we must make when we do things to nature -- whether by paving a road, digging a tunnel,  or building a harbor. All these activities displace rock, dirt and sand, and with it, all the living forms that resided there.

To learn a bit about this process, I've been researching -- reading up on whales, underwater ridges, climate change, overfishing, the history of conservation efforts, and the "progress" of development, trying to see how can I help, where I fit in.

What I do is play music, for me, friends, you, and whales.  So I'm trying to turn my music into a transformative energy.

Come out and experience my piano music along the coast.  You may hear a good  piano tune or two, but the best music will be the symphony of the pounding waves, punctuated by calls of the seagulls. Perhaps at the tail end of a crisp clear sunset,  we may catch the green flash of the sun's final rays. We may watch a migrating whale with its calf, a flock of pelicans heading north for the Alaskan summer and the radiant faces of neighbors and friends.

Please join me to collaborate on some music, admire  this coast and envision new ways we can work to protect it and find our place in the midst of this incredible beauty and bounty.

Mauro ff.