Help save whales from oil exploration in the Arctic

Dear friends , the kickstarter campaign is going well.

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Dear Mauro

Tell the Obama Administration to protect whales -- 
not oil companies 

The Administration is poised to allow massive oil and gas exploration in the Arctic -- and the impacts on whales and other marine life could be devastating. Tell them to protect whales from dangerous oil and gas drilling!

The Obama Administration is about to open the Arctic to massive oil and gas exploration, while turning a blind eye to the far-reaching impacts it will have on whales and other marine life. 

Tell the administration to protect whales and other marine wildlife from dangerous oil and gas activity in the fragile Arctic! 

The National Marine Fisheries Service has just released an environmental review of potential oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Ocean. It is little more than a whitewash of the true and devastating impacts that such exploration could have on whales and other marine animals. 

The agency is inviting the public to commenton its proposal until June 27. We must generate an immediate outcry against it. 

The scope of oil and gas activity that the Fisheries Service is ready to allow is staggering. High-intensity airguns would bombard whales and other marine mammals with excruciating noise. 

Those piercing blasts can be the difference between life and death for creatures that depend upon their hearing to survive. 

And exploratory drilling would expose the fragile Arctic to oil spills that are practically impossible to contain or clean up.

In all, the administration is prepared to allow as many as 24 drilling and airgun operations each and every year. Yet the agency’s review fails to present even a remotely realistic picture of these risks.

Tell the Fisheries Service to go back to the drawing board and tally the true costs of Arctic oil development on whales and other marine life. 

A truthful and thorough environmental review will clearly demonstrate thatit’s a virtual impossibility to drill safely in the remote and hazardous environment of the Arctic. 

The Fisheries Service’s job is to protect marine mammals -- not oil and gas companies. Please urge the agency to fulfill its responsibility and defend the whales and other marine life in one of our last and greatest wild places. 

Thank you for making your voice heard in defense of whales. 

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council