Thank you for supporting the Sunset Piano Kickstarter Campaign! Your donation helped bring Opus Two to the San Mateo coast, fund the Twelve Pianos film by Dean Mermell, and support the art and photography of Mauro Ffortissimo and Lars Howlett.  

If you pledged $20 or more, you are invited to view or download a digital copy of Opus One. Click on the link below to view the book on-line or right click THIS LINK (8MB PDF which may take a few minutes) to save to your computer, electronic reader, or smart phone. Please do not re-distribute this link or ebook to others.. . paperbacks and hardcovers are being printed  and will be shipped upon completion with stickers, t-shirts, and paintings. 

The third edition paperback has been upgraded to a larger size and is being printed cover-to-cover in the USA by Edition One Books in Berkeley. Single copies of the second edition are still available via

For help with the PDF ebook download or viewing see below!


The eBook is a PDF which can be viewed as many different ways as there are computers, smartphones, and electronic readers.