Twelve Pianos : World Premiere

Twelve Pianos screened to a sold-out house on April 26 2017, as the closing film of the Green Film Festival. It was really exciting to share the film with so many of our supporters and new friends. We hope to have more screenings soon and bring this film to as many people as possible. Stay tuned! Photo by Scott Hess.

2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival 

We hope you join us for our last event of this fabulous year. Thursday Oct 6 - Saturday Oct 8, the Market Street Prototyping Festival will deploy lots of fascinating installations along Market, including 6 pianos hosted by Sunset Piano, with performances Thursday and Friday by Sunset Piano musicians from 11 - 1, and the pianos open for everyone to play from 1-7. Saturday no performers are scheduled except at Mechanic's Plaza from 11 to 5, for Beatnik's Corner. Here's the schedule:

Thursday 10/6     11-1         
Joshua Brody: Market @ Annie Alley, just east of 3rd st, South side
Paulo Sultanum: Market @  Bush Plaza, just east of Sutter/Sansome, North side
Antony Ty:  525 Market, West of 1st, South side
Suzanne Ramsey:  Peet’s Coffee, Market east of 2nd st, South side
Gerry Basserman:  McKesson Plaza, Market just west of Montgomery, North side
Ander Meyer:   Mechanic’s Plaza, 1st and Market, North side

Friday 10/7 11-1
Joshua Brody: Market @ Annie Alley, just east of 3rd st, South side
Paulo Sultanum: Market @  Bush Plaza, just east of Sutter/Sansome, North side
Antony Ty:  525 Market, West of 1st, South side
Suzanne Ramsey:  Peet’s Coffee, Market east of 2nd st, South side
Gerry Basserman:  McKesson Plaza, Market just west of Montgomery, North side
Allison Lovejoy:   Mechanic’s Plaza, 1st and Market, North side

Saturday 10/8   Beatnik’s Corner, Mechanic’s Plaza, Market & 1st, North side
- Beatnik's Corner will feature music and poetry from 11 to 5pm -
11 to 1 - Steve Stein and his Band
1:30 to 2:30 - Tom Jonesing
3 to 5 - Paulo Sultanum and Casulo


We're in the Indian Summer phase of 2016 events for Sunset Piano now. This Friday Sept 9, and for two more Fridays (9/16 and 23), we'll be in front of The Hall, 1028 Market near 6th, with a grand piano and some surprise guests (maybe you?) from 11-1pm. Also, for the third year, we've installed 5 pianos (this time, all grands!) into some beautiful Santa Clara County parks for the month. Check out: BACH TO NATURE

2015 Bach To Nature pianist

2015 Bach To Nature pianist

More coming soon!

Starr King Open Space

For the second year, Sunset Piano will bring a grand piano to the Starr King Open Space event on Potrero Hill. One of the last remaining open spaces in the city, Starr King has an amazing view and will host lots of great local musicians. Hope you can join us on Sunday, Sept 25 from 12 to 5pm. 

Pause, Play, Connect 2016 

Sunset Piano has enjoyed hosting our lunchtime piano in UN Plaza all summer, and we continue for 3 more dates (Sept 9, 16, and 23) in front of The Hall restaurant complex, 1028 Market st. Near 6th, each Friday from 11 - 1. Bring your lunch, your sheet music, your ears. There will be great musicians, and a nice place to hang out in the middle of the hubbub. Join us! 

Photo by debsue hayden

Photo by debsue hayden

Sound Commons: Living Innovation Zone
Opening Ceremony : Tuesday June 14 : 11-12pm

Sound Commons, the Exploratorium's latest Living Innovation Zone (LIZ), is bringing mammoth chimes, 100-ft long echo tubes, tick-tock swinging pendulums, and other sonic phenomena to UN Plaza. It's a musical play land! Join project partners and City leaders for a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a special performance at the Sound Commons mammoth chimes by Sunset Piano. 

Starting on Friday June 17 and continuing each Friday through August 12, join Sunset Piano in UN Plaza from 11-1pm for music on their grand piano, with incredible scheduled performers and unannounced musical guests from the universe at large (also known as You).


Asian Art Museum 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sunset Piano begins its season of pianistic events in San Francisco with some great music at the Asian Art Museum. Pianists Allison Lovejoy and Serene Han will play one of our grand pianos at their 50th Anniversary Community Weekend. We'll be there on Sunday March 6 from 10 - 2. Also featured will be Mauro ffortissimo and Dean Mermell on liberated and prepared pianos. Admission is free all weekend. For more info, see the Museum's website.


Happenings : 2015

Sunset Piano : Last Call for 2015

This week marks Sunset Piano's final scheduled performances for the year. 

We have 3 Market Street Prototyping Festival dates, on Market between 6th and 7th, all from 3 - 6pm:
Wednesday Oct 21 :  Sunset Piano and Friends
Thursday Oct 22 : Robert Soper and Friends
Saturday Oct  24 : Tom Jonesing and Friends

And on Friday, Oct 23, we'll play outside of Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason for the SF Open Studios, from 6 - 9pm. All these shows feature a grand piano, a liberated and a prepared piano. Three heavy music making machines. And a host of great players.

There's always a chance we'll throw some kind of last minute piano party, but these are our last events we have scheduled. It's been an amazing year for us and we're hoping to top it next year. Hope to see you!

Allison Lovejoy and the growing crowd at our Market St. spot between 6th and 7th.  liberated piano on left and prepared piano to the right.

Allison Lovejoy and the growing crowd at our Market St. spot between 6th and 7th.  liberated piano on left and prepared piano to the right.

Market Street Prototyping Festival

The Market Street Prototyping Festival returns with a selection of prototypes that inspired connection and served their communities
during the prototyping festival last April. The installations are located on Market between 6th and 7th streets, and will be out every day
through Oct. 25th. Sunset Piano will join forces with this great project with a grand piano and great musicians on these 7 dates:
October 8, 9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 25.
We'll be out there from 3 - 6, with the piano available for anyone to play from 3 - 4. 
Our first performers will be Tom Jonesing on Oct 8 from 4 - 6, and on Oct 9 we'll feature jazz great Ander Meyer. Come see us!

Sunset piano at april's prototyping festival on Market st.

Sunset piano at april's prototyping festival on Market st.

Bach to Nature: Pianos in Santa Clara County Parks

Saturday Oct 3 from 12 - 2, Sunset Piano musicians Ander Meyer and Mikael Garcia will hold forth at the Vasona Park grand piano in our
Bach To Nature installation in Santa Clara County Parks. Come see these great jazz players in an amazing setting. 

For our second year, Sunset Piano is bringing pianos to 5 Santa Clara County parks. Come play a piano in an idyllic setting.
The pianos will be there (covered and protected against the elements at night, waiting for you in the morning) through October 5.
Here's a link to SCCP's page about the event: Pianos in Parks.

                                                        Photo from an    article about the event    in the San Jose Mercury News.

                                                        Photo from an article about the event in the San Jose Mercury News.

Piano in Boeddeker Park in SF

We've installed a sweet spinet in Boeddeker Park, 295 Eddy st, between Taylor and Jones. It will be in residence until October 13.
A little oasis in the heart of the concrete jungle, and a nice place to have a little piano party, with friends or even by yourself.

Pause Play Connect Fridays, UN Plaza

All summer Sunset Piano was in UN Plaza every Friday, partnering with SF Beautiful, who hosted the space. Here are Mauro ffortissimo painting while Serene Han played Ravel. 

Starr King Open Space Celebration
Sunday Sept. 27 from 5 - 8pm

                                  We brought a piano to the 30th anniversary celebration of one of the last true open spaces (not a park) in SF. Great local musicians including
                                  Roz Hague, Anna Smirny, Bill Neely, Ray Vaughn, Tammy Hall & Veronica Klaus. An incredible view of the city while the sun goes down, our kind
                                  thing. For more information, visit the Starr King Website or their Facebook page.

~ Recent Events ~

Sunset Piano at the Commonwealth Club

The Commonwealth Club of California hosted an event with Mauro and Dean on August 7th. We addressed the sold out crowd about the cultural implications of our work with placing pianos in unexpected locations, Flower Piano and the birth of the interactive music festival, and the repurposing of pianos into other kinds of instruments. We also performed a composition for liberated and prepared piano. 


Flower Piano

We are extremely grateful to the Garden's staff, Sunset Piano musicians, and everyone who came out to help make and enjoy the world's first interactive music festival! If you want to see what happened, go to YouTube or Google and simply search for Flower Piano, Botanical Garden. We're a little bit in shock at how successful it was. We hope to bring you more events like this in the future.

Dean and Mauro with Sue Ann Schiff, Executive Director of San Francisco Botanical Garden

Dean and Mauro with Sue Ann Schiff, Executive Director of San Francisco Botanical Garden


Friday, June 26 11am: Patricia's Green, San Francisco

Sunset Piano was on hand to play at the dedication of David Best's new temple in SF, on Patricia's Green, Octavia at Linden st. The installation will remain up for at least one year. Mauro and Tom Jonesing played for the people.


Friday June 19 from 10am to 2pm : United Nations Plaza

Mauro and Dean will be at Civic Center Plaza by the Art Institute building with the first public Sunset Piano of the season, from 10am to 2pm. Bring your lunch, play our grand piano, say hi! We'll have posters! It has begun.


Saturday June 6 @ 4pm
San Francisco International Arts Festival

We kick off the summer of pianos at the SF Int'l Arts Festival at Fort Mason, with Things That Used To Be Pianos. Mauro and Dean will play set improvisations on a seven foot liberated grand and a prepared piano a la John Cage. We'll be outside the Firehouse at the east end of Fort Mason for about 2 hours. Come play a small liberated upright and see what it's like to interact with the inside of a piano, producing sounds you never thought could come from a parlor room instrument.  Lots of exciting news coming soon, stay tuned!

April 9 & 10
Market Street Prototyping Festival

Sunset Piano will have a piano out on Market next to The Hall x 6th and 7th streets for SF's coolest new street festival.

Dean playing at the Market St Prototyping Festival

Dean playing at the Market St Prototyping Festival


*        *        *

 Sunset Piano : 2014

Sunset Piano Opus 3 in San Francisco was made possible by a grant from the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Here's a taste of our large event featuring 12 pianos in UN Plaza and along Market Street on May 15, 2014. 


Black Friday at The Commons

The Commons in association with the San Jose Downtown Association presents "Black Friday"
November 28th 7-9:15pm outside the former San Jose Repertory Theatre

"Black Friday" brings an eclectic line-up of performers to downtown San Jose on November 28th, 2014. Hosted by Santa Clara County Poet Laureate - David Perez, the night promises a celebration of ballet, opera, and chamber music with performances by ballerina Grace-Anne Powers (Ballet San Jose), classical pianist Dan Zemelman, playing on a grand piano provided by Sunset Piano (http://www.sunsetpiano.com/ ), chamber ensemble Trio Ménage, and soprano Alexandra Sessler. Violinist Ishtar Hernandez and soprano Rachel Larsen, Commons’ favorites, return for their second appearance with the festival.

Free and all ages!

For the Facebook event page, click here.

United by Music: United Nations Day, Friday Oct 24 

The United Nations Plaza in San Francisco was built to commemorate the signing of the UN Charter in 1945. While the overall success of the UN as an institution of peace is questionable, the intention is hard to fault. October 24 is United Nations day, and Sunset Piano is hosting a program of music at UN Plaza during Friday Night Market, from 4 to 6 pm. We’ll have an amazing jazz trio, classical piano, surprise guests, and songs of love and peace by Tom Jonesing. Poetry by Mauro ffortissimo and famous local poet Jack Hirschman, and more. This will likely be our last large public event this year. Join us! 

United by Music: Sunset Piano Celebrates United Nations Day
Friday Oct 24 2014, from 4 - 6pm
UN Plaza, Market and 8th st
San Francisco

Central Market NOW

Friday, September 12, Sunset Piano will host a grand piano and music in the beautiful courtyard out front of the UC Hastings College of Law, 200 McAllister st, for the pre-show reception of an exciting aerial dance performance by Flyaway Productions, "Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane."  We'll be there from 5:00 pm.  For more information about the reception, as well as the show which follows on  the outdoor wall on the back side of the Larkin Street Parking Garage, with performances at 8 and 9, visit http://flyawayproductions.com  

And here you'll find Central Market NOW's event page on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1pIWljj


After Dark at The Exploratorium

On Thursday September 4, Sunset Piano brings a grand piano, a prepared piano, and a special open piano to the Exploratorium's After Dark evening. It's an 18 and over night and we're really planning something special, with Benjamin Larsen Strong Gribble and Mauro ffortissimo  on the pianos, as well as screening visuals from the film in progress by Dean Mermell, Twelve Pianos. Tickets and more information about After Dark available here: After Dark


Pianos in Parks

Last year at about this time, Sunset Piano was mischievously placing pianos in county parks in San Mateo, and getting in quite a bit of trouble for it. While well intentioned, we didn't go through the accepted channels, which may have taken, well, forever, to get approval. So we just went ahead and planted a few pianos in beautiful locations, and managed to upset a few rangers. This year, rather than dodging the powers that be, we've been invited by Santa Clara County to bring our pianos to four county parks, where they are now waiting for you in beautiful settings!  The parks are Vasona, Sanborn, Alviso Marina, and Ed Levin. Each location is uniquely beautiful, fun to play at, and the pianos will be there until late September. We REALLY want to thank DC Piano in Berekely for their generous donation of these pianos to this project! And a huge thank you to Karen Cotter and Sandie Day of Santa Clara County Parks for making it happen!

Delivering pianos, friendly rangers, and Sandie Day of Santa Clara County Parks

Delivering pianos, friendly rangers, and Sandie Day of Santa Clara County Parks

Third Street Green


Sunset Piano comes to Los Altos with a piano at Third Street Green, a downtown summer park. Many musical expressions will take place through the month centered around our grand piano. Mauro and friends will play on Friday August 15 at 5, and Tom Jonesing plays Saturday August 23 from 3-4pm. Third street between State and Plaza North in Los Altos.


Central Market Now

Friday August 8 2014 from 5 - 8pm : Another fabulous Central Market NOW ArtBlock Party on Market near 6th... Pianos in UN Plaza, art at SF Camera, the Luggage Store Gallery, Hospitality House, and more!  http://centralmarketnow.org


July 24, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, Hops and History, at the old Mint in SF! Sunset Piano will bring a grand piano to the vault floor and a Liberated piano to the main courtyard, played by Mauro ffortissimo, to this cool event at the SF Mint on Thursday July 24. Tickets here: hopsandhistoryround2.eventbrite.com

July 11, 5-8pm, Central Market NOW presents Inner City Apex at Kunst-Stoff, 1 Grove St, SF
~ Lots of great music, performances, and art ~
Look for pianos in the area along Market Street


June 2014

June 13th, 5-8pm, Grand Pianos at 6th and Market and in UN Plaza
Central Market NOW #PhotoFriday

Thursday June 19th, 4-8pm
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
ConVergePaz de la Calzada's Solstice Labyrinth Walk

ALSO on June 19th:

June 19th, 6-9pm
Side Walks and Neighbors, Photography Exhibit Reception
SF Museum at the Mint
88 5th street

Saturday June 21 12-5pm
ULUV Music Day: One piano at Chile Lindo, 2944 16th st @ Capp & another piano at UN Plaza

It's a big month! Note that these are not 12 piano events, those are big endeavors, but some will have as many as 3 or 4 grand pianos. As always, we will have our own musicians there and anyone else is also welcome to play.


  *       *       *

Caruso's Dream

A couple of thousand people were on hand to celebrate the unveiling of Caruso's Dream, Brian Goggin and Dorka Keehn's massive sculptural installation, in San Francisco on February the 23rd. Sunset Piano wheeled 12 grand pianos to the event which were played by our musical volunteers. It was an epic, one of a kind event. 

~ Piano Party at 6th and Market ~
Friday December 27 2013
from 4-7pm

Join us for our first official San Francisco street piano party, in front of Showdogs, at 6th and Market. Mauro and other fine pianists will be there and we'd love to see you!


Sunset Piano Opus 3 had an "unofficial" launch on Friday the 13th 2013 in San Francisco, testing our mobile piano platform. Here's a quick edit of raw footage from our first outing.