Sunset Piano Opus 3

Sunset Piano has begun its San Francisco residency.

The Sunset Piano project is coming to town with a social experiment: how will music played outdoors affect human behavior in an urban environment?

In the summer of 2013, Mauro ffortissimo placed a dozen pianos in beautiful natural settings along the San Mateo Coastline. It generated a lot of attention, and we were invited by Ellyn Parker from the mayor's office in San Francisco to bring the project to SF. Now that idea has taken shape.

It began slowly, with a furtive piano sighting here and there. But then grand pianos conspicuously began to appear throughout the city without notice, pulled by ropes on wheeled platforms by specially trained "piano ninjas". Professional musicians, singers, and poets are being scheduled to perform at free cultural events. It's happening!

Pianos are brought to neighborhoods where some people have no home, let alone access to music. All kinds of city dwellers... music lovers, musicians, poets, dancers, and artists... gather at piano happenings in both "sophisticated" and "unfashionable" parts of town to share their experiences of urban life. Art, music, and culture belong to everyone! In 2014, Sunset Piano is on the streets of SF. Keep watching our "Happenings" page for coming events.

Twelve Pianos: The Film

The feature length documentary of Sunset Piano, Twelve Pianos, is still being filmed, even as post production has begun. It begins in the summer of 2013, when a small film crew scrambled over mountains and coastal trails to document the sights and sounds of a massive two week installation. Sunset Piano Opus 2 created a musical landscape that resonated with the natural world. Now as the pianos come to San Francisco, this story continues to unfold on the streets of the city in Opus 3.  Read On...