Sunset Piano partnered with the San Francisco Botanical Society and the SF Department of Recreation and Parks to bring you an event called Flower Piano.  For twelve days, from July 9 through July 20, twelve pianos were played by pros and enthusiasts, hidden in the gorgeous 55 acres of San Francisco's jewel-like centerpiece. We believe that Flower Piano may have been the world's first interactive music festival. 

Flower Piano was an unqualified success and the media coverage was incredible. If you Google Flower Piano Botanical Gardens you'll get some idea of what happened. This event was made possible in part by a generous donation from Black Rock Arts Foundation. Thank you to everyone who shared their music and their support of this magical thing.

Sunset Piano Opus 4 Posters (right) are available at the SF Botanical Gardens book shop, for only $5.

More Sunset Piano Opus IV news...

The Commonwealth Club of California will host an evening event with Mauro and Dean on August 7th. We'll be addressing the cultural implications of our work with placing pianos in unexpected locations and some of the more esoteric aspects of music, including 432hZ tuning and the repurposing of pianos into other kinds of instruments. Here's a link to the event: Beyond the Thirteenth Tone

The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development has renewed our grant, so once again we'll be bringing pianos to the ever-evolving Central Market area, and this year, expanding a bit beyond that. 

The Santa Clara Parks Department has asked us to once again bring Sunset Piano to their Pianos in Parks event in the summer. We're working on a couple of other really great things too. Keep an eye on our Happenings page for details. And sign up on our Facebook page for alerts and notifications.

Twelve Pianos: The Film

The feature length documentary of Sunset Piano, Twelve Pianos, is now in its last big push of editing. Other processes like color work, sound editing, titles and animation will still need to happen, but we're hoping that this film will see the light of day (or a screen in a darkened theater) later this year.  Read On...

          Sunset Piano Opus IV poster by Tamir Karta