Sunset Piano is a community supported endeavor. Join thousands of enthusiastic supporters by making a safe donation through our fiscal sponsor, Center for New Music - . All donations are tax deductable.

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We are also seeking a donation of a particularly fine grand piano for our featured performers. 

This is a project born of impulse and passion, it began spontaneously from a feeling of, "let's do it!", not as a carefully produced event. But it caught fire and now we want to continue to serve the community in this way. Sunset Piano is a good project to associate your organization with. People love what we do. If you can see this as an opportunity to benefit your community with a moving work of public art, we welcome private and corporate sponsorship to continue what we see as a much needed spark of good will.

We are constantly running on the margins to make this go. The scope of what we're doing can be quite large for two independent artists, and we're always seeking new ways to bring music and other good things into the world. Sponsor us!